September 1, 2014


Roughly, 700 men and women return to Elkhart County, yearly, upon release from the Indiana Department of Corrections. Some of those returning citizens will have the resources to navigate the transition from prison to the community (a period of time referred to as reentry) without too much difficulty.

However, more often, a person’s reentry journey is fraught with daunting obstacles that demand assistance from a positive support system. To meet this need Restorative Reentry Services makes available the Transitional Coaching Program (TCP).

TCP connects returning citizens with a coaching team that will assist them in reaching their expressed goals, discovering solutions to presenting problems, and focusing on their innate strengths and potential for success.

TCP is a voluntary program. The formerly incarcerated individual determines what course the volunteer coaching team will take and they set the pace toward achieving their destination. Participants are not held accountable to a prescribed set of rules, they are held accountable to themselves and the goals they desire to achieve. Coaching relationships normally begin six months before a person is released from incarceration and can last, up to, one year post-release.