February 21, 2018

CCJ Staff


Irwin Larrier, Executive director
Irwin oversees operations, program development, and fundraising at the Center.
Ext. 201
Email: ILarrier@centerforcommunityjustice.org



Don French, Restorative Re-entry Coordinator
Don Coordiantes teams of volunteers to support ex-offenders as they re-enter the community from incarceration.
Ext. 221
Email: DFrench@centerforcommunityjustice.org


Anne Lehman, Restorative Mediation and Facilitation Coordinator
Anne manages case referrals and oversees Mediation and Facilitation Services which include services like Victim Offender Mediation, Community Mediation, and Family Mediation.
Ext. 241
Email: ALehman@centerforcommunityjustice.org



Kelly Neff, Restorative Training Coordinator
Kelly schedules and coordinates the many trainings CCJ has to offer and organizes CCJ’s work in schools.
Ext. 251
Email: KNeff@centerforcommunityjustice.org


Mike Malott, Restorative Justice Practitioner
Mike works in Mediation services, advises schools implementing Restorative Justice in Education, and leads trainings.
Ext. 230
Email: MMalott@centerforcommunityjustice.org


Brandy House, Administrative Assistant & VIP Coordinator
Brandy ensures smooth office operations and organizes Victim Impact Panel meetings.
Email: BHouse@centerforcommunityjustice.org


AJ Delgadillo, Restorative Justice Liaison
AJ manages mediation cases as well as work as a trainer/facilitator in schools.
Ext. 220
Email: ADelgadillo@centerforcommunityjustice.org


Lon Zimmerly, Finance Director
Lon manages budgeting, completes financial reporting, and assists with grant compliance.
Ext. 202
Email: LZimmerly@centerforcommunityjustice.org