$51,000 Awarded to Elkhart County to do Restorative Justice in Schools

Indiana Criminal Justice Institute’s Juvenile Accountability Block Grant Awarded to Elkhart County to Increase use of Restorative Justice (report by Channel 57)

Elkhart County Court Services, in partnership with the Center for Community Justice, Elkhart County Sherriff’s Department, Goshen City Police Department Elkhart City Police Department, and schools throughout Elkhart County to include Elkhart, Goshen, Middlebury, Concord and Baugo Community Schools are excited to announce the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute has awarded a Juvenile Accountability Block Grant to Elkhart County.  This award makes it possible for the Center for Community Justice to provide training in restorative justice practices to school staff and resource officers throughout Elkhart County.  This will provide school personnel and resource officers evidence based tool to effectively address misbehavior in school, reduce suspensions and expulsions, decrease referrals to the juvenile justice system and improve the school environment to facilitate the learning process for all students.