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Since 1979, the Community Service Restitution Program (CSRP) has provided an avenue for offenders to complete over 280,000 hours of court-ordered labor for nonprofit and governmental organizations. CSRP provides a structured, meaningful way to reintegrate offenders into the community, and helps them “pay back” the community for the harm they have done. CSRP provides Elkhart County judges an alternative sentencing option for non-violent offenders, through which they are held accountable to take pro-active steps toward making things right with their community. In addition to facilitating the performance of valuable work in our community, CSRP helps keep down our county correctional costs by providing a mechanism of accountability short of incarceration.


CSRP clients are expected to attend an intake appointment where staff will explain the program, their responsibilities, and answer questions. After placement and schedule issues are resolved, the client signs a CSRP contract. Clients are expected to complete the contract in a timely and productive manner.
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2. FAQ
Is there a fee? When do I pay it?
An administrative fee is due at the time of the intake appointment. Community service cannot begin until the fee is paid.

Where can CSRP hours be performed?
At a non-profit or governmental organization near the client’s home.

How long will it take? How many hours will I have to do?
The court specifies on the CSRP referral how many total hours will have to be done. The CSRP contract stipulates that a minimum of 6 hours for adults and 3 hours for juveniles must be done per week.

What happens if I am unable to do the minimum hours per week?
Each contract allows 6 excused and 3 unexcused absences. If a client has a medical problem that prevents the completion of the contracted weekly hours, communication from the medical provider is required. (return to top)

The volunteer opportunities in CSRP are generally office related; filing and data entry are the two most needed. There are also opportunities for work crew leaders with some training. (return to top)

CSRP is an essential program for this community. It keeps many people who are non-violent offenders out of jail by providing an alternative avenue for reparation to the community. As a result, it also saves the taxpayers money, as fewer offenders are incarcerated. CSRP gives offenders an opportunity to learn that everyone has responsibilities to their community. The statistics of the rising need for this program and the success that it has achieved are elsewhere on the Webpage. (return to top)


Client Responsibilities


Volunteering with CSRP

Program Benefits


This is a letter from the supervisor on a worksite:

Dear CSR staff,

Please accept this letter of appreciation on behalf of our CSR worker.

Our CSR worker began his service with our organization earlier this year. In four months he had completed his 120 community service hours.
I have greatly appreciated the CSR worker’s service. He was reliable and pleasant at all times. He displayed self motivation and the ability to work without being supervised.

His service to us was valuable. He had opportunity to demonstrate various skills and share insights on pending tasks. The CSR worker helped us with many maintenance projects that saved us several hundred dollars in plumbing expenses. He is currently laid off. We still have plenty of projects to finish up for the fall season. This community service engagement has been a win-win situation for both parties.


The Worksite Supervisor